The Audible Witch

The Girls from Alcyone III, Codename Night Witch has arrived on Audible. (want to find out how to get a free copy? Read on!)

To celebrate the release of Night Witch I am giving away Twenty copies of the Audible audiobooks (five copies of The Girls from Alcyone, five of The Machines of Bellatrix and ten copies of Codename: Night Witch.

To be eligible to get one, all you have to do is leave a comment below and let me know which book you would like. All I ask in return is that you post a short review on Audible. I ask this because reviews are gold for us Indie Authors (they really are).

That’s it! That’s all!

Cheers to all of you, for your support, and thanks as always stopping by.



Audible Machines

It’s official. Today the audiobook version of The Machines of Bellatrix went live on Audible and Amazon. Just like with book one, the production and voicing of ‘Machines’ is being handled by the lovely and talented Kristin KJ James — who in my mind has become Sigrid Novak. I can’t wait for you guys to hear her work. You can check out a sample here if you haven’t already had a chance to catch any of it.

POSTSCRIPT: Work on the audiobook version of book three, Codename: Night Witch, has all but wrapped. Expect more news on this and its release soon!






Some of you know this already, but for those that don’t, the entire Alcyone series is being produced for Audible and iTunes. Work turning books one and two into audiobooks is  done! The Girls from Alcyone launched last week. It’s available right now on Audible, Amazon & iTunes. Machines From Bellatrix will be released in a few weeks, with Codename: Night witch following soon after.

Production for the entire series is being handled by the amazingly talented Kristin ‘KJ’ James. She’s done (and she’s continuing to do!) a wonderful job performing everything, and I can’t wait for you to hear what she’s done.
This has been a thoroughly exciting experience for me. Getting to hear someone else interpret the books and the characters, bringing them fully to life, has been awesome.
It’s been a blast putting these together. I hope you enjoy them too!

The Girls from Audible

As Bernie would say, huge day today. Huge! Why? Because we just signed off on the completed production of the audiobook for The Girls from Alcyone. And…on the very same day we completed production for book two The Machines of Bellatrix.

That’s right. The audiobooks for books one and two are done, and we’ll be starting production on Codename: Night Witch right away.

Production for the entire series is being handled by the talented Kristin James (KJ the Voice Actor). It’s been a real pleasure to work with Kristin. She’s done an amazing job performing both books (this is definitely a performance, not a reading), and I can’t wait for her to start the third. Truth be told, I’m even more excited for her to get to work on Book IV (The Children of Karakoram? Rangers of Alcyone? Not sure yet. Gotta’ finish it first).

The Girls from Alcyone launches first in a couple of weeks, with two and three launching soon after. All three will be available on, Amazon and iTunes. More news to come.


Audio Comes Alive!

While work is progressing on TGfA IV (tentatively titled Rangers of Alcyone, or who knows, maybe The Children of Karakoram – that just came to me last night), I thought I’d take a moment to shine the light on something new and (to me, at least) totally exciting we’ve got in the works. Yes, we’re producing the entire Girls from Alcyone series as audiobooks!


The production is being handled by an amazing and talented voice actor and producer Kristin ‘KJ’ James. Listening to her work has been giving me chills. She’s doing an incredible job delivering a performance that feels more like a one-person radio play, than some dull, dry reading.

The first of the series, The Girls from Alcyone, is nearly in the can, and we’re getting ready to dive into The Machines of Bellatrix.

I’ll have much more news on this soon – release dates, and what have you.



Codename: Night Witch

I seriously need to thank everyone who picked up a copy of Codename: Night Witch (thank you!). Two years was an awful long time to make you wait, so I couldn’t be more grateful to you for (remembering Sigrid) and for taking the time to grab a copy – and for reading it.

And, thanks to all of you, Night Witch is now the fastest selling TGfA book yet. It’s been an insane opening two weeks. The launch has gone well beyond my hopes or expectations. Night Witch hit several of the top ten best seller lists across Amazon, not to mention hitting No. 1 on charts for “Hot New Releases” in SciFi/Dystopian.
And it’s all because of you!

I’m especially grateful for those of you who posted reviews and ratings on Amazon and Goodreads. Those stars mean a whole hell of a lot to us Indie writers (they’re pretty much our front line marketing tools).

So cheers to you! You’re the absolute best.