Audible Machines

It’s official. Today the audiobook version of The Machines of Bellatrix went live on Audible and Amazon. Just like with book one, the production and voicing of ‘Machines’ is being handled by the lovely and talented Kristin KJ James — who in my mind has become Sigrid Novak. I can’t wait for you guys to hear her work. You can check out a sample here if you haven’t already had a chance to catch any of it.

POSTSCRIPT: Work on the audiobook version of book three, Codename: Night Witch, has all but wrapped. Expect more news on this and its release soon!



2 thoughts on “Audible Machines

  1. Ronda

    This is a great series. I listen to audio books everyday as I drive around for my job. This is the best story line I have read/listened to in a long time. I will be disappointed when this story lines ends.

    • Cary Caffrey

      Thanks Ronda!

      And thanks for taking the time to stop by. I really appreciate it. And…I have no plans to stop this series anytime soon, so hopefully you won’t have to be disappointed. I’m hard at work on a new trilogy for Sigrid, continuing hers and Suko’s story (lots to come). Also, we just completed book three (Codename: Night Witch) for Audible. I sent it to Audible for approval this morning. Should be available earth June.


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