The Audible Witch

The Girls from Alcyone III, Codename Night Witch has arrived on Audible. (want to find out how to get a free copy? Read on!)

To celebrate the release of Night Witch I am giving away Twenty copies of the Audible audiobooks (five copies of The Girls from Alcyone, five of The Machines of Bellatrix and ten copies of Codename: Night Witch.

To be eligible to get one, all you have to do is leave a comment below and let me know which book you would like. All I ask in return is that you post a short review on Audible. I ask this because reviews are gold for us Indie Authors (they really are).

That’s it! That’s all!

Cheers to all of you, for your support, and thanks as always stopping by.


6 thoughts on “The Audible Witch

  1. Cary Caffrey

    Thanks, Kent!. And, yes, absolutely! I’m working on a whole new trilogy for Sigrid & Suko (books 4, 5 & 6). Book IV is The Children of Karakoram (though, that’s a working title and will most likely change).

  2. Nick

    Still love the first book, but it’s the only one I can read since I refuse to read on an ereader. Are there any plans to release the other stories for those of us who prefer books?

    • Cary Caffrey

      Hi Nick,

      I feel your paperback-pain. In fact, I was all set to put out books II and III in paperback last December. But then this whole audiobook thing came out of nowhere and basically took all my focus–and then there’s the whole thing about writing book IV, too!

      Basically, I need a staff. LOL. (seriously)

      The good news is, the audiobooks are done (and I think they turned out great), so I suppose I can finally get around to making the paperbacks one of these days.

      In the mean time – since you’ve been waiting so long – can I offer you a complimentary copy of The Machines of Bellatrix on Audible?

      • Nick

        That’s very kind of you Cary, but I like to go by the old adage of “good things come to those who wait”. So I don’t mind waiting for a while longer.. as it may mean I get 3 books all released at the same time 😉 I’m really happy to hear that the audiobook came along and hopefully it’s brought a lot more fans flocking to your door!

  3. Colin Murray

    I really enjoyed the series to date, and look forward to the next release! Audible I haven’t yet tried, but I can imagine it being really useful on holiday!
    Thank you.

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