100k Is Messing With My Head!

Perhaps a testament to my laziness, I finally sat down and tallied up some sales numbers (first time in a year). What I found (106k books?) has left me a little dumbstruck (Confounded? Nonplused? Speechless?). I mean, I knew this number was coming up, and I know it’s totally small potatoes in the grand scheme of things; many other indie-authors have achieved far, far greater numbers. Still, it’s kind of messed me up. It’s like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, like I know that at any moment that ‘person-of-authority’ will come up and tap me on the shoulder and say, “Just kidding. It wasn’t you, it was that other guy.”

Imposter syndrome aside, one thing is 100% clear: I owe you guys (you know who you are – readers, reviewers, friends, authors and allies) a really, really big THANK YOU!

So, yes, thank you! I really mean that. Thank you for slapping down your money. Thank you for taking a chance, and thank you for taking the time to read all my nonsense.

I promise there’s more to come. Lots and lots. And sooner than later. Sigrid Novak has many journeys and adventures to come.

6 thoughts on “100k Is Messing With My Head!

  1. Jen O’Shea

    I’m rereading your books, and I can’t believe how excited I get. I shouted at my phone the other day (on the bus, “oh Jesus, Segrid, jump!”), in work (“whaaaat?!”). More that happy to part with money for very good work. Keep on truckin’. I can hardly wait for the next one. I will, obviously. But excited.

    • Cary Caffrey

      If I don’t finish this book by September, I may have to put a bullet through my brain! Seriously. I have written other things, but they were screenplays (bought, but never produced into movies) and stage-plays way back in the day.

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