The Girls from Audible

As Bernie would say, huge day today. Huge! Why? Because we just signed off on the completed production of the audiobook for The Girls from Alcyone. And…on the very same day we completed production for book two The Machines of Bellatrix.

That’s right. The audiobooks for books one and two are done, and we’ll be starting production on Codename: Night Witch right away.

Production for the entire series is being handled by the talented Kristin James (KJ the Voice Actor). It’s been a real pleasure to work with Kristin. She’s done an amazing job performing both books (this is definitely a performance, not a reading), and I can’t wait for her to start the third. Truth be told, I’m even more excited for her to get to work on Book IV (The Children of Karakoram? Rangers of Alcyone? Not sure yet. Gotta’ finish it first).

The Girls from Alcyone launches first in a couple of weeks, with two and three launching soon after. All three will be available on, Amazon and iTunes. More news to come.

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